Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Card for the June Challeng

I incorporated 3 of Chris's files for this card. And yes it is Father's Day and I'm just making the card - lol. I called my Dad today and told him his card was coming late and that I didn't have time to make him one this year. I actually bought one yesterday. I'm going to send it too since I love the sentiment in it. Any hooo back to this one. I used the June Challenge file funky border but cut a piece off of it. I also used "Hay Happy Father's Day (CD00548) with some modifications and "You're Gonna What? (CD00513). My Dad raises cows so I like to use them on his cards and I love how this one looks - lol. And of course I had to use the "Hay" because I'm from the south and that's how we say "hello" to everyone - lol. The inside has the "Happy Father's Day frame from the "Hay" file. I cut the Horse head off (forgive me Chris - lol). I love how it turned out. The funky border looks like confetti to me. Thanks for looking.

Sandra from NC

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