Saturday, February 20, 2010

CD00663-You are Invited

   I have a new grandbaby (No 4) coming in July.  I had been contemplating on getting started with the shower invitations.  And when Chris posted this file up in the QMC..I thought "Wha-la"..that's it!  So, after building some parts and ideas together, I first made this one. Little did I know how unexperienced I really was with 'pastels'.  It has taken me sometime, and several back-offs, and then I made the decision to quit beating myself up and put this together.  It still isn't to my 'Wow' stage,  and I  will continue to work with it, and may change it all together. I let myself get all flustered with it.  I had to remind myself scrapbooking is to enjoy and have fun!  You don't make it a 'forced job', or let it overcome you. It's supposed to be a pleasure, and if you don't like how your project turns out, step away, think on it, and something fun will pop in your mind.  It isn't always going to come out perfect and it isn't always going to 'WOW' you, the thing we must remember, is..having the pleasure of creating.  The file 'You are Invited', cut out wonderful, and is so versatile, for any event! I just love it! Thanks again, Chris! I always get pleasure out of your files, and seeing everyones differnet versions. And.. if there's any tips on working with pastels, that ya'll may know..heyyyy.. I would love hearing any lil' tidbit I can to learn.  Learning is growing, right?  Have a great day! (psst-- we got sunshine in our forecast--YAY!!!!  No snow!)  =)

  Melody Powell

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