Monday, June 4, 2012

June 12 Sketch Challenge

I wanted to participate in the Jun12 Sketch Challenge as well as use some of Chris's files digitally. So covered two needs with one layout!

I have used CD00925-Corner Flourish; CD00698-May Flower; BK00428-Plant Grow Bloom; and Ileana's Sketch as provided. Photo is from the Internet, digital kit is mine.

I have taken parts of the personal cutter files and added styles and textures to them within Photoshop CS5. My digital layouts are designed to show that personal cutter files can used digitally without always getting out the cutter. I usually use the AI version of the cutter file as this imports into Photoshop really well. Sometimes I open the cutter files in my cutter software (KNK Studio or MTC), separate all the pieces and then export the file as a BMP. This then allows me to use the file in Photoshop once I have removed the background from the bitmap. 

Thanks for looking,

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Digi-Cutter Files offered in SCUT, GSD, KNK, WPC & AI (SVG) at
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