Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thanks you're a real peach! card

Oops, I thought I had sent this back the first week of September.  While we were on vacation, my parents' peach crop was ripe.  I like to go help make butter, pie fillings and such, but my ma did all the work on her own this year since I was gone - yet I still reaped the goodies.  *smile*  Anyway, I made her a card as a thank you.  I wanted to use the "peach" theme.  Chris didn't have a peach file, but I found a digial image on and combined it with THANKS from her file #CD00177 Thankful Titles 2.  I love the title files!  I use them over and over.  Since the peaches were digital, I used the file in Photoshop Elements added some text and shadows then printed it out.  Added bling to the peaches, ribbon and a little hand stitching. 
~Angie~ (Missouri)
~I am blessed!!~