Sunday, May 18, 2008

A story about this layout...

Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted here yet, but I'll be taking over for Chris on her blog while she is away on a much deserved vacation! I don't want to post everything here!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, I wanted to share a story about this layout...

I originally sent this layout to Chris to try out for the team without a photo and journaling. I had requested the Believe Frame from Chris because I knew my mom and my brother would take my niece to see Santa. I can't get my kids to have anything to do with Santa in the mall. Olivia is six and is scared of him, and Zach, who's 13, just looked at me like I had grown another head when I told him I needed a picture of him with Santa. LOL!!!
So, after I got the photo from my mom, I took the layout apart and put it back together with the photo and the journaling. I love how it came out and this was such a funny picture to go with the frame. I just love how it turned out! I hope you do, too!
This layout uses the Believe Curly Matte or Frame
Talk to you all soon!